Doing well by doing good- SingleHop at the UN.

This week Zak, our CEO, was invited to participate in the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit for 2010. The Leaders Summit is an event convened every three years by the UN's secretary general for the purpose of bringing the world's top business, philanthropic, and government minds to wrestle through the immense social and environmental issues facing our planet. To encourage serious discussion and not just elbow rubbing, the summit is organized with dozens of roundtable discussions among no more than 10 leaders, and just a few keynote speeches. At the end of the summit the UN will provide a publicly accessible report detailing the suggestions, solutions, and partnerships that this summt will produce.

SingleHop is honored to be able to participate in an event that we are convinced will have global implications in how businesses, government, and non-profit organizations address sustainability and other social issues such as poverty, education, and basic human rights. We are especially excited to be involved knee-deep in these issues because since its inception SingleHop has been infused with a strong sense of corporate responsibility. That's right, the green theme and frog mascot are meant to be far more than just eye candy and cute. It is a daily reminder that our firm must be exceptionally conscious of how we affect the environment around us, its a public statement that doing well as a firm is intricately tied to doing good.

While we do not expect to save the world singlehandely this summit offers us a unique opportunity to use our extensive knowledge of technology and hosting services, as well as our extensive resources, for the benefit of society and the environment. Combine our efforts alongside those of the worlds largest and most powerful companies, governments, and non-profit groups and were talking change at a massive level!

So keep track of our Twitter (@SingleHop) for some of Zak's updates from the conference, and if you would like to see it live some of the events will be streamed on the UN's website: Live Leaders Summit 2010

Checkout our official press release HERE.