Existing SingleHop Clients - Here's $100,000+

Hardware is constantly outdated, which, normally, presents a big problem for dedicated hosting clients. You get a server today and in 6 months your provider will naturally be offering a replacement of your server for new clients - with bigger and better stuff.

While we can't entirely solving that problem, we decided recently to begin only offering a minimum of 2GB of RAM on new servers. To show our commitment to our very loyal clients, we are providing a free RAM upgrade to bring each and every client to 2GB of RAM.

As far as we know, this is the first time a hosting provider has gone back and mass upgraded it's clientele on this level. Here's the bottom-line impact and the reason providers don't normally do this:

1,200+ servers potentially impacted (We feel in the area of 50% of these effected).
We're also going to be reducing approximately 20% of our customers bills that pay for 2GB of RAM.
In all, over the course of a year, hardware expense and loss of revenue: Well over $100,000.

Sounds meek, right? To an accountant it might not be the best move, but our business is experiencing exponential growth. That's largely based on our very loyal clients and reduced advertising costs because so many of you are talking positively about our services on various forums and websites. We're showing our appreciation for your business and we would love to hear your feedback to this giveaway, or feedback on our services!

With the announcement of LEAP, we've had some extremely exciting times at the company. That's going to get better with more announcements next week as we continue to pass up the competition in terms of new features and services all aimed at giving you more control over your infrastructure and done at affordable prices (or in this case, an upgrade for free!).

Overall, we're happy to be in the position to do it, and we hope that you appreciate the efforts and service that you receive from SingleHop.