Easter Surprise! Server Bailouts and Mobile Priority Support

Greetings and salutations everyone. I'm blogging today to announce two great new features SingleHop has released over this last week. We've brought you two new ways to get up when your server knocks you down:

Server Bailout System and Free Priority Response.

Murphy's Law wisely states, "everything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong." This old adage holds very true in the world we inhabit, and more true in the world of web servers. Servers are viscerally complex and because of that, they break from time to time. But, fear not, we're here to help you save the day.

First, lets talk about your server-side software. It's kind-of an important part of your server, right? While we as system administrators and webmaster hate re-installs, and the headache that can come through them, sometimes, we're left with no choice. Say you mistakenly delete some important system files, well, without physical access and a fair amount of technical knowledge it might be difficult to recover without performing an OS reload.

Drum roll please!

Introducing the SingleHop Server Bailout System, or SBS for short. SBS is a multi-platform rescue environment that is integrated into LEAP and enables quick and easy remote-access to your bricked server. It takes about 5 minutes to reboot into Bailout Mode and once inside you are given the tools to empower you to wrestle back control, quickly as possible.

  • Linux users gain access to a bash shell with a number of pre-installed utilities, access to their file system, chroot and more. Here, you can reinstate those all-important files you mistakenly rm -rf'd, or, simply get your data and copy it off-site before reloading the OS.
  • Windows users gain access to a remote-desktop like session with over 100 utilities pre-installed and available immediately. This includes registry repair tools, file system tools, data recovery programs, backup utilities and much, much more. Here, you can remove viruses, backup your data, or even defragment.

Both the Linux and Windows SBS environments function like a boot-n-recover CD, except they are accessible within minutes and at the click of a button in LEAP. Exiting your Server Bailout Mode is easy, too, simply click "End Recovery" in LEAP and the server will restart normally.

The second way that we are intent on helping you get up when your server goes down is Free priority response. Free for all LEAPmobile users when they submit their ticket through their mobile phone. Priority responses are guaranteed in 15 minutes (or less) from the time you submit your request. This is guaranteed 24x7.

Why did we implement this? Well, imagine the following scenario:

How many times have you been at dinner, on vacation, sleeping, having a drink or working out when a server that you are responsible for goes down, or breaks? You're no where near a computer, and it, well, to be frank: it stinks... You have to drop everything, get to a computer and submit a ticket for help. Then, you have to wait for a response.

Never again, instead, just pull out your phone and send a ticket in through LEAPmobile. It works on Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android phones, and more phone support is being added frequently. By doing so, you're telling us that you need help now and we'll jump on it. Server problems shouldn't ruin dinner, they shouldn't keep you awake all night, and they shouldn't interfere with your vacation... at least not too much.

Please use and enjoy both of these new features and share your thoughts on them with us. Keep an eye out for new releases and products and have a great Easter!