Does your Data Center Keep Going and Going and Going?

Electricity, the life blood of your server... without it you have no website and a large portion of your income is gone. So how well will a data center handle itself in case of a total power loss? That's the question SingleHop needed to find out before choosing the right data center to power your dedicated server.

First off, CCO has power coming from multiple nearby grid feeds, this means that if part of the city blacks out we still have a secondary source of power that we are close to. The power from those feeds makes its way through various switches and breakers to a string of batteries used to power the telecommunication equipment that keeps us connected to the Internet and also a series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to which your server is connected. By being connected to the UPS, your dedicated server is always on battery power and those batteries are constantly being supplied with electricity, giving you clean, regulated power. This way your server doesn't deal with brown outs or power surges that tend to happen in cities.

Those UPS's, along with the rest of the systems that make up CCO's electrical systems, are maintained by their 24hr Data Center Monitoring Staff. They are constantly checking the status and conditions of the equipment at the data center, should some piece of equipment become faulty. If this were to occur, one of CCO's many 24hr on call service contractors will be right out to fix the problem and get everything back to normal.

However, should both feeds from the grid go down, your site will still be up and running unaffected because CCO has a constantly refillable 6000 gallon diesel generator that immediately goes into action and keeps your server up and running. The bonus of the tank being refillable means that will the generator is operational, more diesel can be added to keep the generator running until main power can be restored.

CCO chose the location, design, and implementation of their data center to protect their clients. In order to provide you with a reliable dedicated server, SingleHop has chosen CCO to be their data center provider.