Dear CFOs, IT is Not Your Enemy

Last week, at a vendor, dinner I sat next to an accounting manager who was looking into data platforms built for marketing teams because he couldn’t figure out which of his large clients were costing his company more money than they were making him.

And just yesterday, a CFO friend of mine shared this post on LinkedIn. Check out No. 2: Can’t make changes without depending on IT.

There’s a pretty obvious implication beneath this sentiment that says, “IT isn’t agile enough to make the changes I need.”  But I don’t see it that way. I see IT teams so overburdened by critical maintenance and  infrastructure management that solving problems like the one confronting my dinner acquaintance rarely even make it to their queue.  

At SingleHop, we are on a mission to empower IT. In the spirit of that mission, I have talked with hundreds, maybe thousands, of IT doers over the years. I will bet my house that your IT pros want to be helpful and not, as the subtitle of this snapshot suggests, inflexible.

Let’s use our imaginations for a minute. What if your IT team was freed up so they could be collaborative with the finance and accounting department? What if one of your most seasoned IT pros was even assigned full-time to your team.

Now, look back at that chart above. An innovative IT team could solve each one of those issues the majority of CFOs struggle with. Let’s look at a couple in more detail.

Filling reporting process gaps with spreadsheets: An empowered IT team could centralize data into a warehouse and run scripts that generate automated reports, filling data gaps through the same (but this time automated) functions that you would use in an excel sheet.

Spending too much time battling fragmented systems: The way that this gripe is phrased, lets me know that accounting/finance teams are so frustrated with their IT counterparts that they are not seeing the possibilities of collaboration. IT can make spinning up and down resources easy for line of business owners while also controlling costs AND allowing accounting to bill each department or customer for their usage of infrastructure.

What the CFOs in this study need to understand is that they should want to depend on IT. Depend on IT to provide insight and tools allowing line of business owners to be independent, but not siloed. Depend on IT to innovate data and reporting solutions that allow accounting to intimately understand every dollar incoming and outgoing. Wouldn’t that be a powerful change?

If your organization’s line of business leaders most frequent challenges are data and systems, then your company needs to starting empowering IT to be innovators and collaborators. However, the only way they can do that is by taking the busywork, the essential but not needle-moving daily duties, off their plates.

We say it a lot around here: 72% of an IT pro’s day is spent ‘just keeping the lights on’. By extending your IT team to a managed infrastructure provider, the weight and time of that busywork can free IT to be the most valuable collaborators in your organization.

Thinking about making a change? Read how our client’s IT team became innovators in this managed cloud case study.


Image Source: Accounting Today 

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