Inside a SingleHop Datacenter

Dupont Fabros Technology is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) which specializes in developing and operating enterprise level datacenters in locations across the US. They are known for their forward thinking and incredible redundancy built into each multi-hundred-million facility they create. SingleHop, through ServerCentral, leverages their Elk Grove Village location for its close proximity to Chicago, as well as the state-of-the-art advances brought online in this amazing facility.

DFT utilizes N+2 redundancy at every level.  From the PDU’s in each of our computer rooms, to the chiller towers and water pumps they use to produce green and efficient cooling, to the backup generators and rotary UPS systems. Even their UPS holds advantages for our clients; whereas most data centers employ scores of batteries strung together for emergency power, DFT utilizes redundant flywheel UPS systems.  This system brings full recovery after a potential event or full load test from many hours it would take to recharge batteries, to several minutes while the flywheel is spun back up. Each pod in the facility has access to three of these rotary UPS’s, as well as 3 diesel generators.  DFT has contracts with several fuel providers in the area to ensure if there ever was an event causing the facility to lose primary power, the facility could run indefinitely on generator power alone, while maintaining full redundancy. Of course, for DFT to lose its multiple primary power sources, the entire O’Hare power grid would have to go down as well.

What this means for our clients is that DFT along with ServerCentral and SingleHop, have made every effort possible to ensure 100% uptime, which we have enjoyed since installing our first servers at this facility. The implementation of redundancy, high efficiency, security, and maintenance on this kind of level may seem over the top, but were a catastrophe to ever occur, it is very likely our clients would never notice beyond our notifications to them, whereas other facilities could fail.

We could write a book on all of the features that make DFT the safest place for our clients’ servers in the entire Midwest area, but we encourage our clients to come for a tour and see for themselves!