Data Center Upgrade Complete

As many of you know, over the past 10-12 months, SingleHop has gone through some major internal changes that have required infinite patience, an extended amount of research and a huge restructuring on the part of everyone associated with our company, including current and potential customers. We're *extremely* thrilled, however, to inform those parties considering Dedicated Hosting Service with SingleHop that we are coming out of the gates at full speed!

On top of Zak's announcement of the new line of dedicated servers (which you can find here:, we are also proud to broadcast that we are now fully functioning in our new and highly-improved Data Center space at the CCO facility in the South Loop of Chicago.

I'd like to take the time to spell out exactly why our new Data Center is the perfect environment for our current business and future growth needs. The new facility is heads-and-shoulders above the center we had previously inhabited.

As you can see in the photos above, the new Data Center is brightly-lit and meticulously clean. Our Data Center Administrator, Luis Arauz, takes pride in making sure the rack areas are free of crash carts when not in use and any other barriers that would hinder the work flow. Inside the racks, we've also included a color-coded wiring system, air dams for more efficient cooling and improved harnessing with non-crimping Milli-ties wire ties. Each rack also features an APC Surge Protector with remote power access.

In addition to the colored wire setup, we've introduced two brand new Juniper routers, acting in a redundant capacity, as our border routers to our network. This has improved network capacity six-fold from our previous throughput. On top of this, we've partnered with a new upstream provider in Abovenet, after which we also have SCN and Cogent. We hope to bring aboard yet another within the next 3-4 months. Be looking for further notices of network improvement over the coming months, also.

The new Data Center has an extensive environmental climate control that boasts multiple Liebert HVAC units. The units cool the high-density server shelving and line of cabinets through a "cold aisle/hot aisle" system. The double-ceiling feature also creates an air boundary that assists with insulation and containing fire suppression, which brings me to my next point.

In an emergency situation, if a fire were to occur, the FM-200 gas fire suppression system (chemically known as heptafluoropropane) would kick in within 30-60 seconds to take care of the problem, which also keys the pre-action water system. However, the act of water release from the sprinkler heads would require the individual plastic plugs within to completely melt.

In addition, the facility is powered by redundant power grids with a power facility less than 20 feet away, UPS with extensive battery backups, finished off with a diesel generator with a spare that can be utilized in short order, in case of initial failure of the primary. The generators are tested on a weekly basis and have been shown to function properly on each power-up.

We have millions of dollars in hardware, and our servers store a lot of confidential data. With this in mind, security was very important to us when evaluating Data Center options. CCO is monitored 24 hours a day by security officers. Entrance to the building is restricted to only authorized personnel via assigned digital access passkeys and a biometrics system, which means that physical access to your machine will be limited to our technicians.

If you wish to see the full layout of Data Center photos, you can see those here:

As always, feel free to ask questions regarding our services, hardware or facilities via the email below. Thanks for checking out our new blog! Have a great week, everyone!