Team Approach Builds Customer Confidence

I am admittedly and proudly a Mac user. And like all Mac users, I know that when an issue comes up, whether it is a hardware and/or software problem, I can always find answers at the Genius Bar. Sure, the name might be a little too much but I will tell you that I have never left the Genius Bar without a solution to my problem.

I think one of the best elements of the entire Apple store is that everyone across every position and department seems extremely well educated and knowledgeable about the products and services Apple offers. No matter whom you walk up to in the store, if they work there, they are going to be able to point you in the right direction. They may not have the answer you are looking for, but they always seem to track down a person who does. It is extremely clear that every team member has a defined role but they work so well as a unit it makes for an extremely pleasant customer experience.

Although we do not have a massive glass building that our customers can come into with their problems we do have a very similar team structure. When customers run into technical issues, they are able to call, email, or instant message their sales consultant. The sales consultant is kind of like the quarterback of the team as he is in constant contact with the account consultant and the systems administrator also on the team. Just sitting together as a unit allows each person to learn from one another other every single day. The sales consultant is always picking up on new language and industry developments, while the tech is able to hear how new business is created. Our customers love knowing that every time they call, they are going to speak to someone on a team that specifically manages their business.

This team approach is also very useful in creating a consistent level of dialogue throughout the entire organization. Our operation guys have an understanding of the sales departments thoughts and concerns and vice versa.  We most certainly have customers who are more technically savvy than others and prefer to speak directly to a technician while others would rather speak to the account consultant because they handle more day-to-day activities. The point is that no matter who is the first point of contact for a customer, that if they are not able to easily provide a solution, they know what team member will be able to do so. This level of commitment is the backbone of our Customer Bill of Rights!