Customer Service as a Lifestyle

We’ve all heard those horror stories of being a client somewhere that had terrible customer service. An unlucky few of us may have even been on the receiving end. One of the many great things about SingleHop is that we recognize this and we strive every day to make certain no one leaves our company with a similar feeling. At SingleHop, we don’t just view customer service as a solitary department; rather we view it as a lifestyle. Everyone in the company is responsible for providing the best customer service possible to our clients, and it shows every day!

Our Sales and Billing teams have the most direct contact with our clients and strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients on a daily basis. Through daily interactions, whether it’s updating accounts, setting up new servers, or simply checking in to make sure things are going smoothly for the client, every day is a stepping stone towards a closer bond between SingleHop and our clients.

It is our firm belief that these bonds are a strong part in what has kept many of our clients loyal to us for quite some time. Many of our clients have been with us for years, and can name all of SingleHop’s past employees, and all the fantastic things those staff used to do for them. They’re eager to share the stories of how much each person in these departments has meant to them and their company at some point or another. Our clients that have grown with us for many years have come to recognize us as part of their family, and that directly correlates with the level of customer service we’re able to provide to them. They’re not just another person, they’re a valued client which we respect and strive to assist them in the growth of their business on a daily basis.

Our support staff is constantly available for our clients to reach out if they’re having some troubles and in need of assistance. They’re quick and efficient which is yet another bond in strengthening the loyalty of our clients. In fact, many of our clients are reassured by the service-level-agreement we provide. Our clients know that their issues will be resolved in the timeliest fashion possible, and that our team will work tirelessly to ensure the clients have a most successful time with SingleHop.

From direct contact to clients, we can reach to some of the more behind the scenes staff here who hold the same customer service oriented values. Our development team works day and night to ensure systems are working to the best possible standards for our clients. The marketing team works constantly to ensure our clients are made aware of the new upcoming promotions we’re offering or the latest “cutting edge” information on our industry. SingleHop’s senior management team always has the client in mind and what our company can be doing to best serve them and their needs.

While many other companies may simply “value” their clients, we work every day to ensure our clients know how much they mean to us. We’re constantly updating our systems to ensure our clients have top notch services, in addition to having that personal touch of going through their accounts, recognizing areas where there may have been struggle and reaching out to the client to make certain their time is successful with us. Customer service shouldn't be viewed as a specific department, but rather a lifestyle that illustrates the great core values of a company like SingleHop.