Customer Feedback and Release 3.3.1

The first release of the new year. Definitely an auspicious occasion. To get things started for the new year we had three large focuses in this release.

The first was to take a holistic approach at the way that the LEAP3 portal handles account password resets. We made three updates within this area to ensure a more user friendly experience.

  1. We now allow LEAP3 user sub accounts to reset their own password.
  2. We also now allow for our tandem user accounts to be able to reset passwords.
  3. We updated some verbiage to the general account reset password process so that it is clearer on the steps a user needs to take to do this.

The second main item was to provide a listing of IPMI IPs on the server within LEAP3 and also to be called in a list through our API. This gives clients access to their IPMI IPs that they have on a per server basis.

The last item was to launch our new Community Feedback site called SingleHop Ideas. We were thinking about how hard our products team works at figuring out the latest market trends and trying to develop products that customers might purchase. And how too much time is spent on things that MIGHT work and not enough time on things that we KNOW customers want.

To make sure that we are not falling into this so well-known but so often avoided trap, we have decided to give our customers the voice in our product development. which launched today, does just that! Simply register for an account, or if you are a current LEAP3 account holder, use your LEAP3 username and password. Once you log in you will be able to suggest new ideas, vote for existing ideas, and stay up to date on the latest developments. Nothing is too crazy if enough people vote on it.

Consider this post a request, nay a challenge, to provide us your feedback and improvements. and we will use them to provide the best level of service.

Thank you in advance for all of your ideas!

List of items released:

  • Update API Calls for ordering/cancelling cPanel licenses to no require serverid
  • Sub Accounts Need to be able to Change their Password
  • Ability to call IPMI IPs Through Dropzone
  • Leap3 ticket default user dropdown
  • Tandem users need to be able to reset passwords