cPanel Conference 2011

Well, Kevin is still alive, so that must mean that my cPanel Automation Bootcamp conference navigation skills are spot on! However, I wish my RC Helicopter navigation skills were up to par! cPanel is giving out the grown-up toys to those who are able to answer industry trivia. Great idea!

This is our third time attending the event, and it’s always nice to meet with industry friends, talk hosting and show off our Tandem reseller program -- but I’m even more excited to talk about our Tandem panel update that is creeping closer to launch ;)

cPanel conference is completely different from any other hosting event. It’s highly technical, savvy, and remains up to date with the trending technology. I mean, just look at the agenda:

People flock from all over the world to attend this event and learn some of the finer skills of operating a hosting business from the experts themselves -- cPanel.

SingleHop fits in this event nicely because not only are we capable of helping clients manage their hosting infrastructure, but we, like many of the attendees here, are automation freaks. SingleHop was built from the ground up with automation in mind, and as we continue to grow and add on products, that mindset is still relevant and stronger than ever.

In any case, we’re all super pumped to be here. Dan just arrived so the SingleHop presence grows, and after an exhausting day of tech talk, we’re looking forward to a few drinks! Cheers!