Cascade Cloud is Here.

Cascade is here!

After months of development and intense testing, we’ve officially launched our revolutionary new cloud hosting service. Whether you’re a Cascade beta tester, a current SingleHop customer, or an interested observer, we think you’ll be amazed by what Cascade has to offer.

If you're new to the Cascade concept, here’s a quick rundown to get you up to speed:

-Cascade is SingleHop’s new cloud hosting platform. By adding the Cascade service to a managed or unmanaged dedicated server, you’ll gain the flexibility of cloud computing while retaining the control and security you need from your dedicated server.

-When you add Cascade, your applications will continue to run on the server technology you originally selected. This ensures that you’ll keep the stability and availability you’ve come to expect.

-At the same time, your data will be stored on our proprietary cloud storage system, which mitigates the risk of downtime in the event of a server hardware failure.

-As a Cascade user, you’ll be able to create new virtual machines on the fly to match your resources to your site demand.

-Cascade integrates seamlessly with our LEAP and Tandem server management systems.

How to use Cascade

Cascade was designed to be simple and approachable as it does not require any complicated technical knowledge to use. You simply choose a SingleHop server that can be powered by Cascade, and your on your way to blissful hosting.


Cascade offers a fixed and straightforward price starting at $40 per month per server, no per hour or per resource bills to worry about. Cascade is simple to use, and to purchase.

If you want to learn more, please check out for additional details.