Core2Duo E6320 or Pentium D 945?

We have recently re-introduced our Pentium D 945 machines and because we have had a lot of questions about them, I wanted to go into some of the big differences between that Pentium D 945 and the Core2Duo E6320, which we have already been offering for a while. On the face of it, the P-D945 looks to be a faster processor, both include Dual-Core Technology, but the 945 clocks in at 3.4Ghz per core, while the Core2Duo clocks in at 1.86Ghz per core, so why is the Core2Duo more expensive?

In short, the E6320 uses newer technology and is a better performing processor. The E6320 is a true Dual-Core design, whereas the Pentium D 945's design is better described as two independent cores on one chip. The advantage of the true Dual-Core design is the new focus on processor efficiency as opposed to the maximum GHz ratings. The E6320 processor cores share a cache, this means less latency and that data transfer between the cores is quicker and easier. As such, the E6320 out-performs the Pentium D 945 on almost all benchmarks, you can see the results of such testing here:

Overall both servers are very capable, two 3.4GHz processing cores is nothing to sneeze at, but the new technology used in the E6320 puts it a bit ahead of the game power-wise, price-wise however, the Pentium D945 cannot be beat.