Got Complex Hosting Needs?

One of the most exciting things about life at SingleHop is the challenge of designing complex web hosting solutions for our customers. Many of our customers who take advantage of our managed server offerings fall into the “complex” category, which essentially means that we’re providing hardware and services that go beyond our standard managed server packages.

Our complex hosting customers are often running high-traffic sites which need exceptional sever responsiveness and database redundancy. Each complex solution is designed from the ground up to ensure that it meets every requirement and provides a complete solution at a solid value.

Here’s a quick look at some of the features we’re able to build into our complex hosting solutions:

Load Balancing: Load balancing allows high-traffic websites to spread work evenly among two or more web servers. A load-balanced solution involves the addition of a separate piece of hardware which receives user requests and routes them to the appropriate server to ensure that individual servers do not get bogged down and hinder the site’s performance.

Database Replication: Database replication provides an additional level of data security by storing your information on two or more servers, each of which maintains a complete copy of your site’s data. The database nodes share updates back and forth in real time, ensuring that each database is up to date and that no data will be lost in the event of a hardware failure.

Exchange Hosting: A Exchange server system allows you to provide access to shared files and services such as email applications and calendars through mobile devices such as phones and PDAs.

Server Clusters: Sites with very high traffic and multiple applications, such as social networking sites, often need an array of managed servers with several custom features, including replicated databases, load balancers, and hardware firewalls.

We take pride in having the expertise and technology to build complex hosting solutions for almost any customer, no matter how unique their needs may be. If you’d like to find out what we can do for you, please contact your Account Executive or a member of our sales team!