Community Snapshot: A Look at Who’s Signing Up for AI

May 10, 2016

Who is AI for? It’s a question our development and leadership teams have been receiving a lot as the server management software platform approaches its beta launch.

The simple answer: AI wasn’t designed with just sysadmins in mind. It’s useful for pretty much any individual or department responsible for managing a server or VM inventory — whether a complex multi-cloud environment or a simple bare metal setup.

True, this may sound like an overly broad claim, but we have some supporting data. Take a look at the breakdown of our current AI beta registrants by occupation, followed by some thoughts about why we think AI will resonate with a diverse assortment of IT pros.*    

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Here’s a snapshot of users currently signed up for AI. Reserve your spot now. #devops
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AI is for Developers
In IT organizations governed by a DevOps philosophy, the maintenance of servers and cloud instances used for testing and production typically falls to the systems or app developers themselves.

But there’s a common problem with this arrangement: The routine upkeep required to keep servers online can be a major impediment to agility and productive development cycles.

The primary goal of AI is to reduce the amount of resources dedicated toward resolving emergency server issues by preventing those issues altogether. This is achieved through automated monitoring, mass patching and the ability to quickly take action on alerts via the AI desktop or mobile app.

Fifteen percent of AI beta registrants are software developers. Our guess is that most of them would trade the time currently spent patching servers for work spent pushing their projects forward.

AI is for IT generalists and the Do-it-All CTO/CIO
Startups and small businesses rarely have the luxury of a fully staffed IT team or the budget for enterprise-grade management software. IT generalists and CTOs/CIOs make up 40 percent of AI’s beta registrants, many of whom told us they’re a one-person show. For them, server management is but a single function among many critical to their IT operations. There are typically two common paths to approaching the “keeping the lights on” part of their job: use an assortment of RMM (remote monitoring and management) tools to keep tabs on the health of their server inventories or outsource these tasks to a managed services provider.

AI addresses and improves upon both of these options. First, it consolidates the 3-4 tools it often takes to comprehensively manage server operating systems into a single, free SaaS platform. Second, future releases will allow time-strapped users to seamlessly offload individual tasks to SingleHop admins.

AI is for SysAdmins
A quarter of AI beta registrants are sysadmins. We think they’ll be drawn to AI’s efficiency-driving capabilities. For instance, patching a few dozen servers may not pose a major technical challenge for them. But it does take effort to stay aware of new patches, and a fair amount of time to install updates one-by-one.

By letting users know about a new patch within minutes of being released and allowing users to install multiple patches at once, AI drives efficiency on both of those counts. We hope sysadmins see AI as both a first line of defense and automated assistant for execution of routine tasks.

It’s equally useful for teams of sysadmins, as well. With features like RBAC (role-based access control) and quick actions that let you assign an action item to a colleague for further investigation, the platform lets teams collaboratively control OS-maintenance workflow regardless of where the servers live. In fact, SingleHop’s team of sysadmins will be using AI to orchestrate every server we manage for customers.

Overall, we see the diversity of occupations signing up for AI as an indicator of the far-reaching need for scalable, affordable server and OS management software – a tool fit for an enterprise or SMB that surpasses the limited scope of typical RMM tools.

We’ll have news regarding launch dates, as well as a video tour of the interface, very soon. For now, there’s still time to sign-up for the beta if you haven’t done so yet! Learn more at

*Data based on a January survey of AI beta registrants.

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