Cloud & Dedicated Server Hosting Together

In order to stay ahead of the curve and hopefully our clients needs and wants, we at SingleHop hold product development as a top priority. Keeping our hand on the pulse of industry changes as well as competitors' innovations is how we have continued to grow at such a rapid rate (Over 7,900% over the past three years).  One of the biggest challenges within the world of product development is coming up with a name that is unique yet accurately conveys the product’s purpose or mission. Everyone wants a name that pops, a name that’s easy to remember, and if you’re lucky a name that becomes a brand within a brand (iPhone to Apple).

One of the latest products to come out of the SingleHop laboratory is a little something we like to call the ”Dynamic Server.” I know what you’re thinking, “what kind of name is that?” And “what exactly is a Dynamic Server?” The product is the name and the name is the product!

Dynamic Servers combine the flexibility behind cloud computing with the real deal resources of a true show dedicated server. That being said, I think you know why we went with “Dynamic Server.” Can you say the best of both worlds?  Now don’t you worry, just because this is a new product, it does not mean you are locked int one type of hardware or operating systems. The entire deployment process is completely automated, per usual.

The flexibility within the virtualization of a Dynamic Server allows the client complete control over a number of moving parts: CPU cycles, memory, and storage. Similar to a traditional cloud instance, the Dynamic Server’s resources can be adjusted in real time by using our client portal, LEAP.

To see hardware specifics as well as detailed resource availability click here.