What exactly is Cloud Computing?

What exactly is cloud computing?

Search Cloud Computing on any major search engine and you will find a seemingly infinite number of definitions.  I decided to write on this subject because like many others I find this extremely confusing.  How can a buzzword such as this have so many different and complex definitions?  After researching the topic with colleagues, I came up with a clear and concise definition of what Cloud Computing is or should be.

Too many providers focus on what their cloud service is made up of and not on what their cloud service does or provides.  A true or pure cloud service should be one that provides instant scalability, redundancy, flexibility, and is easily and expediently delivered.  For a provider to offer a true cloud service to their clients, it requires more than a "cloud hosting" moniker.

Many providers offering "cloud hosting" are doing nothing more than simply re-naming their current dedicated server offerings.  To offer a true cloud service requires much more than this.  It requires distributing or clustering your website across multiple cloud servers.  It means that multiple dedicated servers handle the processing of data.  One major benefit to this is the ability to instantly scale.  For example, if an article on your website was featured on the news and your traffic grew exponentially, true cloud computing would allow for the increase in traffic to instantly match with an increase in cloud servers.

What does this mean for you?  It means that gone are the days of struggling to get a server provisioned as quickly as possible to match an increase in traffic.  True cloud computing will allow you to instantly scale your servers to match your needs.

SingleHop will soon be making an important announcement regarding a cloud hosting program. In doing so, we plan to closely integrate our existing services and cloud computing services.  To be alerted when Cascade Cloud Hosting is available from SingleHop, please fill out the contact form on the SingleHop website.

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