Courageous Kids Inspire SingleHoppers

I am pleased to announce that we have been able to once again, help an amazing organization with a charitable donation - The Center for Courageous Kids. We as a company have always tried to take an extremely active role in giving back to those in need, and not for the positive press, but because it is the right thing to!

Our Co-founder and CEO, Zak Boca is a Kentucky native who recently had the chance to visit The Center for Courageous Kids.  In his words “It was like Patch Adams meets the best summer camp ever.” Just read the organization's vision and tell me it doesn't sound like a magical place:

“A world-class medical camping facility in the rolling hills of Scottsville, Kentucky providing a cost-free, safe, and fun camping experience for seriously ill and disabled children and their families.”

Since the camp was founded in February 2008, it has opened its doors to over 10,000 children and their families. The center offers two different programs - a traditional overnight camp experience for five nights and six days during the summer or the family retreat option that allows a child's entire family to spend a weekend together! The children and their families are able to enjoy the ability to do specially designed physical activities like swimming and horseback riding throughout their stay at the camp!

This organization, like so many others like it, is able to function and flourish based solely on donations from individuals, corporations, and civic groups. We are thrilled to know that our $10,000 donation will go directly to helping the camp stock and maintain their in-house pharmacy. I know that I speak on behalf of every SingleHopper when I say we're thrilled to work for a company that takes such an active role in philanthropic organizations.  We are actually starting to plan a road trip to the camp so we can see it for ourselves and meet the bravest kids of the world!