Celebrating 10 Years of SingleHop

SingleHop is ten. Wow.  

It’s hard to think back over everything that’s happened in the last decade and not get a little emotional.

SingleHop has grown from the small, scrappy Chicago startup that Zak Boca and I founded with a small team in 2006, to one of the fastest growing providers of cloud services in the industry.

That didn’t come easy. From day one, we put our souls into this business and its customers. It was a roller coaster. But here we are today.

SingleHop started with the idea that automation can make IT better. That little idea morphed into the industry’s first fully automated bare metal platform, and now has been expanded to give more than 5,500 organizations around the world total control over their infrastructure and managed services.

This was only possible because of the environment and people around us. Here’s to our employees, investors, customers, partners, vendors, colleagues and friends. It’s to all of you — too numerous to mention individually — that we owe our thanks.

I also want to call out the importance of Chicago’s growing and dynamic tech community — a pillar of our success, as well as the success of so many other great companies that have come out of this city. From 1871 to Built In Chicago to Technori to the ITA and Techweek, it’s hard to find a more vibrant and supportive environment to build a business.

So this evening, we celebrate with 1,000 of our fellow Chicago technologists at a private concert featuring our friends and Platinum-selling band, Cage The Elephant.

We’re celebrating not just our past success, but our future potential. Not just SingleHop’s, but the community as a whole.

Please enjoy this timeline history of the incredible past 10 years. 


Discover why more than 5,500 companies around the world choose SingleHop.
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Dan Ushman, CMO and Co-Founder
Dan Ushman

Dan began his career in the internet infrastructure industry at midPhase Services, Inc., a shared hosting provider that grew to over 160,000 customers before being acquired by UK2 Group. At midPhase, Dan contributed heavily t...READ MORE

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