Cascade Cloud Hosting Beta Update.


Hello Cascade Beta Testers (and Cascade Fans), It's been a long time since our last release and I wanted to give you some inside information into what we have been up to to rigorously test one of SingleHop's most exciting technologies. We recently came to a crossroads and decided that we had to implement strategic optimizations into the backend code that manages Cascade, this task has now been completed. We've also overhauled some of the interface and have squashed some annoying bugs.

On the 21st we did a silent push of our latest changes and improvements and everything thus far has gone off without a hitch. We're naming this release "Moon" as on the 21st of September 1966 the Soviet probe "Zond 5" returned to earth completing the first ever unmanned round trip around the Moon.

So in detail this is what we did and how it improves the Cascade experience:

Interface Changes

-Rewrote animation system, users should now see more fluid slide animations when switching between servers and vm's.
-Added a "please wait" overlay when certain calls are being made that block the interface to prevent user confusion.
-Added colored resource bars that reflect how much storage and memory are being used.
-Added note about not being able to decrease storage space when creating and editing vm's
-Fixed a bug with the main content window being offset improperly when a dedicated server is pulled up.
-Fixed chart overflow bug.
-Reverted back to regular style tabs in vm interface.
-Changed how selected servers look in server list.
-Added a icon for the activity log and refresh button. Also added time to the timestamp.
-Added more verbose activity log messages and removed the dreaded defining on host node message.
-Fixed a bug that caused scroll bars to appear when maximizing and minimizing the Cascade window.

Backend Changes

-Completely optimized the backend code that managed the vm's
-Added a locking mechanism that insures vm's can only run on a single node
-Added a locking system that insures requests to the daemon will not conflict with one another and all queued tasks happen in the best order to minimize downtime.
-Improved resource management that makes sure that all resources released by a vm a reusable.
-Wrote a new api for communication between our backend management system and the vm daemon.

For those in our Beta program, enjoy the changes. For everyone else eagerly awaiting Cascade... its going to be worth the wait!

Luke Tworek,
Lead Systems Developer
SingleHop, Inc.