Birth of a Campaign: Designing 'The Platform You Can Depend On' Creatives

Here is an overview of a recent design project completed by SingleHop designer Lisa Margetis. Lisa created the look & feel of the SingleHop: "The Platform You Can Depend On" campaign entirely using real photos of the SingleHop Chicago-2 data center and a new, simple typography based servicemark. Below, she details the task and the solution. Obviously, we're big fans of her work here at SingleHop. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


The task:
Create a visual campaign that for SingleHop’s Platform that reflected its dependability, and forward thinking technology.

The Solution:
"The Platform You Can Depend On” can be broken down into several parts. The photographs at the DFT datacenter are used in various levels of abstraction. Showing the hardware itself reminds one of the complex nature of hosting, and the organizational perfection it takes for a hosting company to become highly regarded. These images set against a dark background, and contrasted against a slick and clean typography come together to visually emphasize SingleHop’s evolution of Infrastructure.

The seal uses a clean condensed font, Rama Gothic, for impact. The glyphs themselves are inspired by an antique woodtype, which reinforces the dependability aspect of the campaign by reminding a viewer of product that has been around for a long time. However the thiner versions of the font also give a slick cutting edge vibe. Surrounded by a thin line gradient, the seal takes on a forward thinking motion.

This image of ethernet cables has an abstract dream-like quality to it.

Server locker grate focus implying strength. Soft focus server racks in the background.

Meticulous organization of cables.

Row of secure server rack lockers.

Here are some of the final designs sans copywriting: