The Customer Bill of Rights Gets Even More Automation

I am happy to announce that the industry's best SLA just got better! When we launched the Customer Bill of Rights earlier this year, the goal was to not only offer complete transparency but to literally offer savings and value to each client. The fundamentals of the Bill of Rights are the exact same as they were at the time of its launch, the only thing that has changed is we have added additional levels of automation. As you know, we are all of our automation.

Ever since we launched the Bill of Rights I find myself wishing that every product or service I use on a daily basis offered the same. Think about it. There you are waiting in line at Starbucks and your coffee takes too long or isn't made correctly - bam! Discount. Or if every time your iPhone dropped a call, how cool would it  be if your wireless provider deposited a dollar into your checking account?

Customers are now able to see real-time data with a very easy to use dashboard located within LEAP. This type of report card review allows a client to request a credit if a goal has been missed by simply clicking a button. Another new feature shows our internal averages against our guarantees.

We are always looking for new ways to improve the way we do business. If you get a moment, I highly recommend you check out all the new bells and whistles of our Customer Bill of Rights. One of my favorite things about the service's functionality is that it is so simple from a conceptual standpoint and from a executional standpoint. If we don't do something the right way or take too long to do it, the customer knows and is compensated for our mistake. As our Chief Operating Officer, Andy Pace likes to say, "this isn't marketing fluff, this is just the way we do business."