Backups. More is Always Better.

Whether you’re operating a reseller business or running your own website, your data is of utmost importance. You can’t take chances that it will be lost or corrupted, and if anything happens, you need absolute certainty that you can restore what you lost. That’s where backup systems come in, but how often should you back up your data? Is once a day enough? Twice a day? Every hour? At SingleHop, we don’t think any of those schedules would provide the security our customers need—even backing up data once per hour leaves too much to chance. That’s why we offer Continuous Data Protection (CDP) from R1Soft for all of our dedicated hosting customers.

Traditional backups work by duplicating all of the data on a drive on a regular schedule (daily, hourly, etc.), or by duplicating the data which has changed since the last backup, and storing the duplicated data on a tape. In the event that data on the drive is lost, the owner can restore data from the tape, but the restored data is only as fresh as the last scheduled backup.

CDP is a new development in backup technology, allowing users to capture every change to the data on their drives. Where traditional backup systems use tape storage, CDP backup systems are drive-to-drive. CDP backup drives run constantly, making note of each “write” to the main drive. This allows users to restore to any point in time, rather than hoping that the most recent tape backup was recent enough to capture critical data.

One potential downside to the use of CDP is its impact on server performance. The constant interaction between the main drive and backup drive can slow down the system, so many CDP users choose to capture data changes every few seconds or minutes, rather than capturing every single change. Your specific backup needs will depend on your site traffic and the nature of your business, but we recommend backing up your data at least every 15 minutes.

If you have any other questions regarding backups, feel free to chat with our Account Executives who will provide you solutions focused on your specific needs.