Matt Kuikman

Some say SEO is a science. Some say it's an art. As the SEM & analytics specialist, Matt says if it's science, then it's not an exact one, as the laws of search remain unknown. And if it's art, then it's open to interpretation, as the sole critic is the Search Engine. Either way you slice it, Matt is just a mad scientist that really knows how to paint. In a little over one year's time he has greatly expanded SingleHop's SEO efforts taken them from page 8 to being ranked in the top 3 on page one of Google for their number one keyword in a highly competitive market.

Matt also manages paid search. So more science and less paint. He runs a tight ship of keywords and creatives, and all his ads are A/B tested and designed to get the most return on the investment. Finally, he oversees the analytics setup and analysis, and contribute a countless number of creative marketing ideas including campaigns, creatives, blog posts, promotions, and link worthy material.

And in his spare time Matt makes some wicked home brews. You can find him on .

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