Marc Bollinger

Marc is a hosting industry veteran, an avid technology enthusiast and thinker with over a decade of experience in the hosting industry. As SingleHop’s Senior Project Manager, Marc and his team are behind many of SingleHop’s technical innovations, such as LEAP and the DropZone API. By leveraging Marc’s decade of industry and development experience, the SingleHop development team has been able to stay ahead of the curve with innovative products Cascade virtualization platform, and the DropZone API, which allows customers to integrate their systems with SingleHop’s platform.

Before SingleHop, Marc worked at industry leading providers, midPhase Services, Inc., and Hosting Services, Inc., and has been directly involved in many different IT infrastructure projects. Marc believes strongly in automating anything that needs to be done more than once, because automation reduces mistakes, speeds up service delivery and improves operational efficiency.

When he isn't working, you can find him exploring Chicago with his wife, Jodi, and his friends and family.