Dan Ushman, CMO and Co-Founder

Dan began his career in the internet infrastructure industry at midPhase Services, Inc., a shared hosting provider that grew to over 160,000 customers before being acquired by UK2 Group. At midPhase, Dan contributed heavily to its rise from a small company to one of the largest shared hosting providers in the United States with over 160,000 customers and $18 million in revenue. At SingleHop, Dan focuses on the company’s marketing strategy and operations, leading the company’s growing marketing team and working to bridge the gap between marketing, sales and technology. Dan believes heavily in differentiation, and focuses on highlighting SingleHop’s unique and powerful technology platform which helps it stand out from its competitors in a saturated and fragmented marketplace. Dan regularly attends and speaks at industry and marketing events. As a recognized thought leader in online marketing, Dan is one of the few internet marketing professionals to hold a Horizon Award for Marketing Innovation. When he isn't working, Dan can be found in his kitchen whipping up homemade BBQ sauce, or in front of the grill with a spatula putting that sauce to work. You can find him on .

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