Chris Larkin

Chris is an accomplished Senior Sales Consultant and technology specialist who has several years of business, sales, and marketing experience. In his six years of working in the industry, Chris has become an expert in IaaS problems and solution, as well as cloud and dedicated hosting. Educated at the University of Memphis where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, Chris completed a Bachelor’s Degree in 2006, this education allowed him to become highly adept at problem solving and apply that to complex solution selling. He’s also a skilled hosting solution architect and built a book of business from $35,000 a month to over $900,000 a month in recurring revenue in five years. Above all, Chris is known for his energetic personality, his passion for his work, and his never-ending source of energy. He challenges his clients to always look at the big picture, and he thrives on interacting with others and creating and maintaining new client relationships. In his spare time, Chris enjoys music, spending time with friends, and the occasional tennis match.

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