Austin Wilson

Austin Wilson, our Director of Networking and Senior Network Engineer, is a transplant from from Phoenix, Arizona with 14 years of network administration experience in service provider and hosting environments.

Austin has been a senior network engineer for the last five years, bringing with him a wide range of experience directly related to the hosting industry. Austin holds CCNA and CCNP certifications, as well as a deep understanding of MPLS networking. By leveraging advanced networking technologies and methodologies, Austin is able to provide a more efficient use of resources with improved resiliency.

Before SingleHop, Austin held numerous leadership positions in the field of computer networking, and, among other things, helped to design an international BGP network to provide customers greater control over their routes and improved security for a major bandwidth and IP transit provider. Austin also helped build and launch a Tier-2 transit provider in 13 major markets in the United States and Canada.

When he isn't working on building out SingleHop’s network, you can find Austin out and about with friends and family.