Amazing & Powerful new ways to Interact with SingleHop.

If you didn't catch the drift we are talking about SingleHop's API!

Starting today all SingleHop customers can request access to use our API to further customize and build powerful control into their hosting operations. Almost everything that our server management platform, LEAP, or reseller platform, Tandem, can do can now be further automated by our customers through the API.

Specifically some of the options now available include:

-Rebooting servers

-Submitting and replying to technical or account tickets

-Displaying detailed information on IP, bandwidth and server hardware.

-Paying invoices

Future features for SingleHop's API includes control over our Cascade cloud hosting offering. Our API will not only allow you to create, resize, and control VM machines with ease, it will allow you to do this through whichever hosting configuration you may choose! We are extremely excited about what the next few months have in store and the API is one more step towards offering YOU, our customers, the best hosting experience and the most control.

To get your API key make sure to apply for it inside of LEAP.

For more information on the API go to:

To review our API wiki located here: