You have to love technology to do the things we do. It is a must. Technology permeates everything we do on a daily basis. SingleHop is in the business of building hosted infrastructure and whether we are putting together a private cloud or a clustered server package, we are in the business of laying down the foundation upon which businesses build their livelihoods. When you think about it, this is pretty amazing stuff.

Not too long ago skyscrapers were the foundation of what was then considered "modern" business: food courts in the lobby, printing presses in the basement, mail rooms shipping off correspondence to points all over the globe, and layered on top of each other were businesses, floor after floor after floor. I am on the rooftop of our Chicago office right now staring at the various skyscrapers and there is a mix of awe as the sun dances across their windows.

But, before we get too carried away, all of the things these skyscrapers represent, the foundations of business communities can all be done from the tablet I am typing away at. With a few touches of the screen I can open my virtual data center control panel (LEAP) and scale up my server resources, ready for the business day. With the proper hosted infrastructure, I can communicate with colleagues around the world, order food, educate myself, interact with customers from a global audience, recreate my virtual storefront to attract multiple markets, order office supplies, tabulate financial charts, manage hundreds of employees around the world, and all of this before lunch.

SingleHop makes this happen for clients everyday. We build the foundation necessary for business to do things they never dreamed of. I cannot help not being awed by THAT every single day I come to work.

Our blog is grounded in that awe and we write about what we are passionate about. We write about our love affair with technology. And I deeply hope that by the time you are done reading you gain a little bit of our passion and a little bit of our awe.

Thank you,
David Dunlap
Content Production Manager
Blog Czar