4 In-Demand Cloud Skills to Boost Your IT Career

As cloud adoption rates continue to climb across multiple sectors, information technology professionals must reassess their capabilities and develop new competencies valuable to organizations with cloud-based infrastructure. At the moment, chief information officers are zeroing in on talent with these key cloud skills:

1. Security

Business leaders reluctant to adopt cloud-based enterprise infrastructure often cite security as their primary sticking point. And even though cloud is not inherently less secure than on-premise environments, safeguarding data will always be a paramount concern.

Last year, hackers stole more than 487 million electronic records worldwide, according to IT Governance. As cyberthieves perfect their methods, data stores, both on-premise and cloud-based, will remain vulnerable to some degree.

With this in mind, CIOs search for IT professionals with the security chops and experience to collaborate with vendors to protect sensitive company data from intruders. Knowledge related to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is also particularly useful, CIO reported.

IT professionals interested in bolstering or simply quantifying their security skills should obtain the (ICS)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional credential. Organizations across the globe recognize this certification.

2. Application development and management

The first wave of cloud adopters have solidified their infrastructure needs and are now moving onto more ambitious projects, namely proprietary apps. More than 40 percent of organizations are expected to increase spending on such projects throughout 2016, according to recent data from Gartner.

Even businesses that boast established apps with millions of active users are making cloud-related moves. For instance, consumer goods and medical device conglomerate Johnson and Johnson plans to transition 85 percent of its apps to the cloud by 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported.

As a result, CIOs need IT professionals with app development skills, including knowledge of widely used coding languages such as C++, Java, Objective-C and Swift. Experience with .NET frameworks is also a common requirement.

Businesses are also looking for talent with the ability to catalog, manage and support internal apps, as more employees leverage these productivity tools and use them to store or transmit confidential company data.

“When you add in the public apps that users are adopting personally, such as Dropbox, to use for business, the management problem becomes clear,” Adrian Leow, a research analyst for Gartner, explained. “IT’s ability to inventory and distribute these apps is fragmented at best, and more often it’s incomplete.”

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3. Linux

A large percentage of enterprises with cloud-based infrastructures work with Linux-based server environments, Cloud Tech reported. Of course, this means modern IT professionals must have a strong grasp on the operating system and its place in enterprise cloud-computing.

Experience with Linux Containers and Docker is particularly important, especially in the context of app development, InfoWorld reported. Linux Containers allows users to create and run isolated Linux environments on a single host network. Docker facilitates similar operations but more scalability.

4. Niche knowledge

IT professionals with niche technology skills or areas of expertise are in high demand, CIO reported. For instance, those with experience deploying hybrid-cloud systems or working with Dynamics CRM are finding success across multiple sectors. As are .NET specialists and cloud analytics experts.

At SingleHop, we’re always looking for experienced admins and technicians with the latest certifications in VMware, AWS and Windows, as well as engineers and developers with experience in SaltStack, SOA architecture, PHP, Python and JavaScript MVC expertise.    

Additionally, IT workers with well developed communication, customer service and project management skills are also finding footholds.

“We are also seeing a spike in the number of organisations of all types, leveraging technology to create or manage transformational change as well as more non-tech departments learning how to use the latest technology to help them perform tasks in new ways,” Peter Noblet, senior regional director at Hays Information Technology in Australia, told CIO. “Given all this, candidates in greatest demand have solid technical skills and strong soft skills that enable them to engage proactively and successfully with non-technical stakeholders.”

With these in-demand, cloud-based competencies, IT professionals can ensure their survival in a post-on-premise world.

SingleHop is hiring for talented IT professionals with the skills listed above. Explore career opportunities here and discover why we are a certified “Great Place to Work” and were recently named one of the 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors in 2016 by CRN.

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