3rd Party Confidentiality: How SingleHop Protects Your Personal Data.

At SingleHop, we take the information associated with your dedicated server very seriously. Surprisingly alot of people contact us attempting to have us divulge information or have changes done on a server without providing the correct information to validate their identity. Sometimes this leads to a little bit of friction with clients representatives, but in the end, not only is keeping a tight third-party confidentiality agreement the right thing to do, its the law.

So to give a bit more detail what exactly do we mean by Third-party confidentiality? It's an agreement to never divulge any information to third party sources other than the direct client or those who have been specified by the primary party that holds the account. Now, there have been many times where I, as well as my colleagues, have encountered third party persons who try to gain information about or access to one of our clients accounts. Our response to them will always be “IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN." While we do not use anything other than courtesy and proper replies to these individuals, it still bewilders me when someone demands information on an account that they are not listed on as an authorized contact.

Now, there have been cases where clients of clients come to us because their information is housed on our server. Unfortunately, we cannot assist them in any way as we are merely the "groundskeepers" that ensure that our direct clients’ machine is not intruded upon by anyone other than themselves. Where someone chooses to store their intellectual content is their decision, and it is not our responsibility to provide full access to a machine if they are not listed as an authorized contact. The only instance where a third party would be granted to view or enter a machine is for legal authorities that have proper documentation to do so.

Another example will be employees of clients that have accounts with us. If you are not listed as an authorized contact, then you should contact your boss or partner and have them list you in LEAP so we can speak with you regarding an account. There have been cases in the industry where disgruntle employees and partners that have attempted to gain access and cause malicious damage to someone’s account. This is why there is an authorize contact section in our LEAP panel, so clients can add and remove individuals to access their account. One instance long ago at another provider, involved two lovers in a sticky quarrel, where one party went in and removed half of the dedicated servers data/content without the other knowing. While gay marriage is not something recognized federally, this individual took it upon herself to symbolically perform a fair share divorce proceeding with her partners dedicated server. Ouch, not because of the symbolism but more so because her partner forgot to remove that individual from her authorized contact list. But hey I am not judging all is fair in love and war.

So here is what you can do to protect yourself as a client, first ensure that you only list in LEAP specific responsible parties that you trust to access your account. Do not forget to remove any persons that no longer works for your company or that you wish to trust information regarding your account with. We will always stand firmly by our policy and make sure that your personal account information is always safe with us. So when an un-authorized contact does come along we can happily tell them “IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN”. ☺