3 Key Benefits of SingleHop's Client Portal for the VAR

Businesses with a professional look to them often employ a unified front. From a singular location, all of the customer’s needs are handled whether its support, billing, or purchasing initial products. SingleHop’s white label automation platform helps you present a unified front to your customer. Here are three key benefits:

1.    White Label Automation "Look Big While Starting Small”

With ourWhite label automation you can take advantage and leverage our technology as your own. Once in the Reseller program you receive a customized URL, which you can start providing to your own clients. The only step you would need to take before initiating and giving clients their own access is to login and customize settings. Within settings you can upload your own logo, update specific company information, location, and control area access controls for your clients. Clients will be able to log into a control panel that is completely customized to match your own brand. It will look as if you spent countless development hours into giving your clients an easy and efficient portal to manage their services from.

2.    Billing Integration
Our billing partnership with WHMCS and Ubersmith makes it easier than ever to integrate your billing system with our LEAP platform. If you choose to do so, your clients can log in with the same username and password that they would use to login to their client accounts in these systems. Leap automatically syncs all your clients from your preferred billing software and makes it easier for you to link components and generate invoices. Tickets created within the reseller portal would then be routed to Ubersmith or WHMCS. In addition, you may set up invoices and service plans to show up in your client’s customized portal as well. Billing customization of the client portal depends on how little or how much you want to integrate with the billing software you prefer to utilize.

3. Managing Users
The ultimate advantage of your own client portal is that it gives you one platform to help you manage everything for your client’s needs. You have billing, support, and sales tickets filtered through one portal and easily identified within separate departments. Your clients may log in and access everything pertaining to their account as well as manage all components under one utility. It is user-friendly and makes your clients think that you are on top of their account in every aspect of their user experience.

By using the SingleHop white label platform, you can present your own professional unified front!