Introducing: Localized Phone Numbers & Virtual Private Network

In my blog post last Friday, I wrote about two new offerings that we released: Free Priority Support for LEAP mobile users, and our advanced cross-platform rescue environment, Server Bailout System. Today, I write excitedly late into the night to tell you about two more features that we've rolled out yesterday. I'll save the best of the two for last.

The first 'offering' is more of a convenience feature. To give you the short version, we have launched localized toll-free phone numbers for customers and potential customers in six countries. Over time, we hope to add more countries. The goal is to be as accessible to our customers as possible. The six countries in our pilot localized toll-free project are: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Now, customers in the aforementioned countries can skip the international dialing and call a local toll free number instead, making getting support easier and more accessible.

Our second offering is much more significant. Today, we proudly released our Private Network, which is a powerful secondary network which we have been building for the last several months. The private network, which will be detailed in a more technical blog post soon by Andy Pace, our VP of Operations, is simply put a second network entirely separate from our public-facing private network. It is a secure and segmented system which allows you to connect to your servers remotely without using public IP space. If you have multiple servers, it lets them talk to each other privately. Your backup transfer won't use your public bandwidth limit. Under the secondary private network there are no bandwidth limits. It truly is an exciting product, and it's free on all SingleHop servers (with the exception of some single-NIC machines, like the ATOM.) To enable the Private Network, simply log into LEAP, load up the My Servers application and select the server you would like to enable Private Networking for. Click on the Private Network button that shows up. It takes about 24 hours to get setup.