2013: A Year in Review

As another exciting year for SingleHop closes out, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the great things that happened in the business.

Earlier this year, we added VMware-based private and public clouds to our offerings. What is most significant about adding VMware is that it extends our enterprise-grade solutions into the Cloud. These products support our premium SLAs and give us the flexibility to advance our automation processes.  More to the point, we are in a position to offer more hybrid solutions for our customers. We’re excited to be using more of VMware’s products and our relationship with them is growing every day. There is a great deal of hype in the industry surrounding other hypervisors and, more specifically, OpenStack. We have OpenStack deployments in our facility, and we’re encouraged by its support in the development community; however, VMware offered an out-of-the-box solution built and trusted by the enterprise, so that made our decision quite easy.

Our enterprise public cloud features SAN-based storage with automation, auto-scaling, failover, and is priced at an hourly rate. We’ve designed our private cloud to accommodate customers with higher security needs.  These are exciting product improvements for SingleHop, and show our commitment to improving our infrastructure as a service offering and hybrid capabilities for our clients.

Speaking of improving our IaaS, 2013 was a year of massive data center expansion for the company. We doubled our Phoenix data center footprint, and we also rolled out our first international location in Amsterdam. Amsterdam was selected for being centrally located in Europe and for the abundance of data center space, talent, and connectivity. Our team did an amazing job rolling out the facility, now our fourth facility in the world.

We’re excited and encouraged with our success so far in Europe, thanks to high demand for highly automated hybrid services. We look forward to 2014 to continue to expand this facility.

We also expanded our team by adding 25 new SingleHoppers, putting us over a total of 100 employees. Kudos to the new hires and the veterans! Thanks to our bigger team, we have better coverage and more talent to support our new products.

With attrition levels at their lowest ever, this year saw our highest customer satisfaction rates to date. Our Net Promoter Score improved 35% over 2012. We measure this score on a scale of 1-10, so our customers can rate their experience with us. We measure this score after onboarding a new customer and then reevaluate the customer’s experience every six months or so. Our high levels of service with our dedicated team, Bill of Rights SLA, and automation are paving the way for clients growing exponentially with us.

All of this comes down to why SingleHop is succeeding. We’re doing an outstanding job offering enterprise-grade products, like our hybrid solutions, and offering high levels of automation, while still ensuring high levels of service at a great value. This combination is often not seen in the industry, so we really pride ourselves on living up to our tag line: Better Economics, More Choice, Truly Hybrid, and Premium Service. I feel like that message is really resonating with our customers. We hope to live up to this promise next year by expanding our managed services and continuing to build our channel partnership business.

Looking ahead in 2014, we will continue to evolve our infrastructure as a service offering, as well as improve on our managed services, all to improve the value of your IT investments.

On behalf of all of us at SingleHop, thank you very much for your business, and we hope that you have a very prosperous New Year!