What does 112% growth mean to you?

This week we announced our 2010 year-end financial results. They are excellent. You can find a copy of them here. Of special note is the fact that during 2010 your hosting provider increased in size about 112%. That is great news for us, but in all honesty what does it really mean for you, our customers? In one word- Technology.

Just as our press release noted, we attribute this exceptional level of growth to our long-standing determination to invest in world-class technology. In many cases the technology that we require is not even in existence, which is why we have some of the most brilliant minds in the industry working behind the scenes to create it- almost ex-nihilo. This obsession with technology benefits our customers in several key ways.

-First, virtually every single technological tool that we build to make our processes faster and better, sooner or later end up in the hands of our clients. All the technology that drives LEAP, for example, was at some point built to help us manage our internal systems. Now they are easily available for any client to reboot a server, get more IP's, rescue-boot their server, and access our private network, just to name a few of the tools available.

-Secondly, our technology is built to reduce errors and reduce the time required to do almost anything on your server. And since time is money... you, our customer, can get access to some exceptional prices on new hardware and services that make your hosting experience better, without breaking the bank.

-Finally, growth lets you know that your hosting provider is indeed one of the best companies on the block to be with. We are growing by continually re-investing in what will make our entire company better, and that directly and immediately benefits each and every one of our clients.

We are honored that you have chosen SingleHop as your hosting provider. This level of growth could not have occurred without your support and trust. We are excited to leverage this success to ensure yours also!

That said, make sure to take advantage of the spectacular deals going on on our homepage. Choose from 30% off your first months bill for a dedicated server. Or, choose to get 30TB of outbound bandwidth for life! No extra cost. Amazing.