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"I feel the customer service is light years better at SingleHop than with my previous provider. I love that I can call the 24 hour support line when things are simply easier to explain on the telephone than in a support ticket. "

Jane, SingleHop Customer

"Wonderful service. We really appreciate your willingness to work with us to help our business succeed. "

Aviva, SingleHop Customer

"As always I can depend on SingleHop Tech Support team for an assist whenever we need them. They’ve exceeded our expectations each and every time for the last 7 years. "

Rodney, SingleHop Customer

"Excellent! Hardware and software are important in this environment but what is truly outstanding is the tech support that comes with it!"

Kenneth, SingleHop Customer

"[The] completed task has made a serious difference in the server’s performance. Thanks for digging deeper. The efforts/findings were so worth the time taken, in my eyes!"

Michael, SingleHop Customer

"The crew is indeed outstanding. Everyone is involved with your case; they respond promptly and accurately.
They are always correct and incredibly fast."

Juliana, SingleHop Customer