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Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting Process

In our experience we find that moving to the Cloud can be a be a large undertaking both technically and operationally. SingleHop’s onboarding specialists take a collaborative approach to facilitate the customer’s migration and consumption of the SingleHop enterprise cloud platform. It is our goal to make the journey to the SingleHop Platform a guided process that leaves our customers with a positive outcome to their next generation of infrastructure platforms.
5.Review &
3.Migrate &
Process Overview

We start by determining what solution you need for your infrastructure. You will then work with our engineers to design your custom-built solution. Once your solution is ready for deployment, we’ll help you migrate all your data and deploy your solution. We’ll support you 24/7/365 with testing and refining your environment every step of the way.

  • 1. Requirements Analysis

    2. Solution Design

  • 3. Migrate and Deploy

    4. Production Support

  • 5. Review and Refine

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