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SingleHop technical support and data center operations departments are open and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including all holidays. Data centers are staffed by experienced system administrators and network specialists. SingleHop service is never outsourced and always provided directly from the data center where your infrastructure is installed.

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SingleHop Customer Support

SingleHop data centers are staffed 24/7 by skilled technical support engineers and data center techs. We can be reached via telephone and ticket management system from inside your LEAP control panel. Please use the ticket system when possible, it is your friend and will help route tickets to the right departments, ask the right questions, and generally streamline the support process. Remember that tickets enter the queue at the same speed as phone support requests and are prioritized accordingly based on the issues severity and not the method in which the request was received.

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How We Build Our Support Team

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1 (866) 817-2811
  • You & Your Team

  • Your Dedicated Account Team

    • Account Manager
    • Business Development
    • Support Technician
    • Account Coordinator
    • Billing Specialist
  • Your Extended Support Team

    • Network Operations
    • Data Center Operations
    • System Engineers
    • Infrastructure Engineers
    • Automation Engineers


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  • Bill of Rights
  • How Support Works
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Bill of Rights Industry Leading SLA

We Guarantee Clear Time Frames, Upfront

For example: The Bill of Rights guarantees that it will replace broken hardware in 90 minutes or less.

If We Miss, You Can Request Compensation

For example: If the SingleHop Network goes down for 30 minutes, you can receive a 5% credit on each impacted device.

It's Completely Transparent, We Provide the Details

For example: Request a report from us anytime that shows your uptime statistics and hold us to it.

No Call Centers

When you call SingleHop, you will speak to a SingleHop engineer in one of our offices or data centers. You will never speak to an outsourced call center.

No Outsourcing

Every service requests will be handled by SingleHop employees in the United States.

Report Card Preview

Want to see if we're making the grade? Simply request a report card and we will provide you with a detailed report that indicates how we are performing for you on average, relative to the above SLAs.