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Paying it Forward to Startups & Incubators

SingleHop has always been focused on aiding and cultivating the young and new innovative startup companies around the country. After all, we were founded on the similar principles as other startups! We started as two guys with the idea to create and cultivate a web hosting company with only, a Capital One credit card as our startup investment. With that entrepreneurial platform as our background, we are passionately involved in the startup community around the U.S. and abroad. Recently we were ranked #25 in Inc. Magazine's
Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., we are enthusiastic to help and provide guidance for any startup with or without a technological foundation.

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How SingleHop Can Help

All IT startups need infrastructure to design, build, test and launch on. Many startups, either bootstrapped or incubated, are operating on tight budgets and are unable to invest in the infrastructure they need. Through the SingleHop Startup Incubator Partnership Program, incubation programs around the United States may offer their currently active companies access to a wide range of SingleHop infrastructure products to build and test on completely free of charge. SingleHop will offer service credits that can be redeemed for Infrastructure such as dedicated servers, Public and Private Cloud computing, professional services and solution design. Startups are only responsible for reimbursing cost of software licenses.

Currently, SingleHop is offering up to $2,400 per year in hosting credits per incubated, qualified startup.

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For more information, you please call 1-312-447-2580 and ask to speak with a Business Development Consultant. They will be happy to speak with you about your startup, discuss your qualifications and how you can benefit from our program.

  • Startup Criteria
  • Direct Application
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Basic Criteria for Startups
  • Company must be part of a Startup Incubation program and Incubation Program must be part of SingleHop's Startups & Incubators partner program.
  • Company must be less than two (2) years old
  • Company must be in first round or less of initial funding
  • Must be worth less than $5 Million (USD)
  • IT Companies preferred, but will accept applications from all startups

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