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Solutions for Web Hosting Service Providers

SingleHop's management team and key employees have all personally been in the hosting business for over a decade. With direct, industry experience in all levels of the hosting stack, from simple domain registrations, to much more complex mass-market shared hosting, we have the experience you need to avoid countless errors and get going faster than ever possible before. Whether your focused on the mass-market or a specific niche, our experience can help you make the right decisions at the right times.

Reseller Program
Tandem White-Label
Reselling Platform

White-label all of our products and services as your own.

Generous discount tiers & reseller perks.

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Shared Hosting Providers.

Leverage our extensive experience in designing, building and managing complex infrastructure to support upwards of hundreds of thousands of shared hosting accounts.

VPS Hosting Providers.

Build your offerings on a SingleHop's low-cost and best-in-class virtualization technologies for the deployment of Virtual Private Servers for clients.

Dedicated Hosting Providers.

Our innovative white-label reselling platform enables our partners to offer an extensive line of Intel Core® and Xeon®-based dedicated servers for resale. Deploy servers instantly and reduce the need to hold inventory.

Cloud or Grid Hosting Providers.

SingleHop offers hosting providers the opportunity to leverage the growing demand for off-premise cloud computing services with our innovative VMware-based platform.

More Than Hosting: Expand Service Offerings.

Move your business beyond hosting by expanding into new offerings such as Hosted Cloud Applications, Virtual Data Centers and more by partnering with us.

SingleHop offers a wide-range of features specifically tailored to the needs of Web Hosting Providers

Just-in-Time Delivery

Keep less inventory in-stock by taking delivery of your servers on a just-in-time basis. Servers are deployed instantly when YOU need them, so you will never need to purchase them in advance.

Automate Routine & Non-Routine Functions

Leverage our extensive automation platform to automate parts of your operation that are repetitive.

Less Errors means Less Need for Re-Do’s

Another benefit of using automation to perform routine and non-routine tasks is the reduced error rate; automated systems are more accurate and less likely to malfunction than a human being.

Better Customer Service for You and Your Clients

Faster delivery, less errors, higher quality equipment and an extensive SLA that you can pass on to your clients creates a far superior experience for you and your customers.

Increase Internal Efficiency and Profit Margins

Leveraging our automation and technology will reduce the amount of time you spend doing routine things, and will reduce the number of people you need to hire to do those things. That will directly impact your profitability.

Billing System Integration

The SingleHop platform can be integrated into any commercial billing system using its extensive API. Easy-to-integrate modules have been created for several popular systems, including WHMCS and Ubersmith. Please inquire for more information.

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