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Solutions for Marketing Services Organizations

Advertising networks, Demand-side Platforms & more.

Being an aggressive and sophisticated marketing organization takes world-class infrastructure that doesn’t go down. SingleHop’s platform is ideal for marketing services providers for a number of reasons.

Featured Service
Dynamic, Scalable VMware Cloud Servers

Powerful, scalable and elastic VMware Cloud Servers offer you the fluidly scale up and down your infrastructure as your traffic changes.

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Powerful Virtualization & Hybrid Platform.

Leverage the right type of infrastructure for every aspect of your application to maximize efficiency and resource utilization.

Rapid Scaling Up and Down.

Adjust your resources in real time to compensate for increases or decreases in traffic flow, thus reducing or increasing costs only when needed. This will allow you to run lean.

Remote Control is a Big Deal.

Scale up and down on the fly from anywhere in the world by using LEAP Mobile.