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Protect Your Patients. Reduce Your Risk

Electronic Medical Records and the healthcare industry’s transition to the Cloud offer huge benefits for both providers and patients. From increased access to healthcare information, to reduced errors, the benefits are numerous and countless. One of the main obstacles for technology providers behind the advancement of healthcare technology is HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

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Business Associate Agreements.

We sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements when needed to help you maintain compliance.

Physical Security Exceeds HIPAA Requirements.

SingleHop Data Centers feature physical security measures that exceed HIPAA requirements

Data Security Technology Available.

SingleHop’s security products can help make all the tools and technologies needed to secure your application available to your organization in one convenient package.

SingleHop offers a wide-range of features specifically tailored to help HIPAA-bound providers

Real-Time Software Vulnerability Assessments

The system will monitor your server and all software installed for vulnerabilities and report these vulnerabilities to you before they are exploited.

Real-Time Configuration Security Monitoring

This will monitor your server and installed software configurations for settings that expose it to potential security holes.

File Integrity Monitoring

One of the first things hackers do when they gain access to a system is replace the core system files with hacked versions. Monitoring for core system file integrity, therefor, is very important to the security of a system.

Event Logging & Alerting

Everything is logged. Everything is reported. No matter what happens, from a firewall rule being updated, a user's permissions being revoked, or a user logging into a system to perform their job, it's logged, in extreme detail.

Dynamic Firewall Automation

Allows you to administer and manage firewall rules from within the LEAP interface. The rules are applied to your system remotely and automatically, with safeguard in place to prevent erroneous rules from being propagated to your system.

Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication supported by provides a second layer of protection for gaining access to a component. The second layer of protection supported is in the form of an SMS text message that is sent with the second "key" required to gain access to a system.

User Account Management

Account ManagementRemotely manage the users on your servers via the LEAP interface, grant or revoke access and review logs from one central place. When used in conjunction with Two-Factor Authentication, this can increase the efficiency of administering users for your organization substantially by removing the need to log into each server to revoke or grant access manually.

Routine PCI Assessments

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has produced a robust set of standard security protocols that, when implemented properly, offer organizations a compelling degree of confidence in the integrity of their data. Part of the PCI security protocol involves performing regular risk assessments, which while absolutely necessary, are often resource consuming.

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