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Protect Your Patient’s Information

The evolution of technology and the proliferation of electronic medical records has provided a number of benefits to patients and providers to include increased access to healthcare information, reductions in errors, and improvements in the speed and quality of claims processing. The benefits are numerous.
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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and the subsequent HITECH Act of 2009 are designed to ensure patient privacy, security, and confidentiality while building a standardized foundation for healthcare providers to use advanced technologies. The security standards of HIPAA and HITECH confer administrative, physical, logical, and technical safeguards.

  • Technical Safeguards

    HIPAA/HITECH provides a set of standards to ensure that healthcare providers can rapidly take advantage of new technology. The technical safeguards subsection of HIPAA/HITECH standard provides best practices and requirements to limit security concerns when it comes to access, file and system integrity, authentication, and the transmission of secured data. These include:

    • Access control
    • Audit controls
    • Integrity
    • Person or entity authentication
    • Transmission security
  • Physical Safeguards

    The physical safeguards subsection of HIPAA/HITECH standard addresses the implementation of secure safeguards that cover information systems dealing with equipment and facilities. These include:

    • Facility access controls
    • Workstation use
    • Workstation security
    • Device and media controls

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