High Availability & Redundancy

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Stay Online, No Matter What

Your business demands complete reliability. A minute of downtime may be equal to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. SingleHop is experienced in providing redundant, highly-available system architectures that ensure resilience, even under heavy load, attack or during technical issues.

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SingleHop Cloud Servers

Leverage our VMware-based Public Cloud Servers to provide a wide-range of Public Cloud computing resources available on a moments notice.

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Load Balancing.

Take advantage of network or hardware-based load balancing technologies to spread load between multiple servers.

Cloud and Physical Hardware.

Choose from Cloud or Dedicated components in your infrastructure design. Leverage the Public Cloud to burst into resources should you need them.

Geographical Load Balancing.

Balance your website in multiple locations physically to prevent any local issues from impacting performance.

Database Replication.

Replicate your databases so that if anything happens to a master or primary database server, you are always online nonetheless.

Leverage Real-Time Backups.

Take advantage of automated Idera Backup Agent to provide incremental, real-time backups and archives of your data, and restore only the file(s) that you need.