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Solutions for Education Technology

Education is adapting to a new wave of technological advancement. Lead the way by building your technology on the industry’s most scalable platform.
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Key Benefits

  • Complete Security

    Our platform includes point-to-point security ensuring your data remains yours. Whether you use bare metal or cloud servers, your data is isolated from other clients. We also offer a variety of security services to lock down your IT infrastructure.


    We were founded on automation. Our automated platform reduces errors and ensures consistency and quality. Using our automation tool set, your IT department can easily manage thousands of accounts and all of the hardware that supports them with ease.

  • Hybrid Platform Benefits

    Deploy a wide range of infrastructure components, from cloud servers to entire private clouds to simple, traditional dedicated servers; whatever you need to get the job done.

  • High Availability

    Whether your IT infrastructure has to handle research projects, online student collaboration, remote mentoring, library archival and access, or just student record keeping, we work with you to build a highly available platform.

Do you know which solution is right for you?CHAT WITH AN EXPERT