Ecommerce Hosting

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PCI DSS Compliant Ready Infrastructure

Our secure infrastructure solutions enable your business to quickly comply with payment industry security standards while simultaneously enabling future scalability. Couple the flexibility and power of our platform with the industry's most attentive Service Level Agreement and you have a scalable and secure platform to build your online retail presence on.

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E-commerce Server Features

  • Enterprise-Class Security

    Whether you use bare metal dedicated or private cloud servers, we provide enterprise grade security to ensure your data stays under lock and key.

  • Proven Performance

    We offer some of the most aggressive service level guarantees in the industry. We back these guarantees with real time monitoring so you know precisely where you stand at all times.

  • Managed Services

    We offer a variety of managed services so all of our clients. Let us handle your IT needs so you can do what you do best, foster customer relationships.

  • Unlimited SSL Certificates

    Secure-Socket-Layer or SSL creates a secured communications channel between your customer’s computer and your server at SingleHop. All SingleHop customers enjoy an unlimited number of free Top Tier SSL Certificates from GlobalSign. NOTE: GlobalSign SSLs are subject to two restrictions. First, they must be installed on SingleHop Servers with SingleHop IP Addresses. Second, they cannot be resold for use on non-SingleHop infrastructure. For servers and IPs inside of SingleHop data centers, you may issue an unlimited number of certificates and you may resell them to customers or issue them at no cost, as long as they are ultimately used on SingleHop equipment.

  • More Than Just Compliance

    Our engineers can create a compliant environment that provides maximum throughput and system resources, highly available with maximum redundancy.

  • Exceptional Track Record

    SingleHop has been in the business of providing network agility and high availability since 2006. Delivering powerful solutions is in our DNA.

  • Single Tenant Hosting Options

    In a single-tenant, dedicated space, networks are locked down on multiple logical layers. Whether using bare metal or cloud, single tenant configurations increase security and performance.