Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery is key to Business Continuity

Planning for the worst is never fun. Fortunately, SingleHop makes it easy. With numerous strategically located data centers in environmentally stable areas, we are able to provide a wide-range of DR and BC functionality to our clients.

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SingleHop Cloud Servers

Leverage our VMware-based Public Cloud Servers to provide a wide-range of Public Cloud computing resources available on a moments notice.

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Remote Backups.

Backup your data to an entirely different data center in an entirely different region. SingleHop operates numerous strategically located data center facilities.

Out-of-Band Private Network.

All SingleHop Data Centers are connected by an out-of-band Private Network that can be used to transfer your data securely between facilities.

Geographical Load Balancing.

Keep two copies of your application or web presence. One in one data center, the other in another data center. Then, leverage network-level load balancing to ensure that if one facility is taken down for any reason, that your visitors don’t notice a thing.

Experience in Clustering and High Availability.

We are experts at server clustering and high availability setups. Let our engineers work with your team to design a solution that protects your business effectively.