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Solutions for Web Designer and Development Companies

When your job is to build the online presence for others, you can’t afford to cut any corners that might come back to bite you in the future. With SingleHop’s advanced automated platform, you won’t have to.

Deploy scalable Cloud environments for each of your clients. Leverage our white-label technology to increase your brand visibility.

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Ultra-Secure Enterprise
Private Clouds

One product can provide everything you need to build tomorrow’s education technology. Privacy, security and scalability, in one VMware-powered Enterprise Private Cloud.

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White-label Infrastructure.

Studies have shown that when a web design provider also provides hosting services to their clients, they receive more design work in the future.

Expand your Customer Relationships.

We offer a number of great ways to expand your existing client relationships, both in terms of revenue, and raport. Generate monthly recurring revenue or one-time payments from referring business to SingleHop.

Extend Control to Your Customers.

Give your customers a wide-range of control over their website so that they can rapidly scale up and down on your own.