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Experts in HIPAA and PCI Compliance

We offer a wide range of solutions specifically tailored for businesses that require HIPAA and PCI compliance. From increased access to healthcare information to reduced errors, the benefits of our services are numerous and countless. We also have extensive experience in providing PCI-compliant hosting solutions to e-commerce vendors both small and large.

HIPAA Compliance

The evolution of technology and the proliferation of electronic medical records has provided a number of benefits to patients and providers to include increased access to healthcare information, reductions in errors, and improvements in the speed and quality of claims processing. The benefits are numerous.

  • Isolated, single-tenant platform
  • Technical safeguards
  • Physical safeguards
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PCI-DSS Compliance

Our platform supports PCI compliance by offering a private, isolated platform along with a security methodology designed to comply with the payment card industry’s standards for secure computing.

  • PCI-compliant ready infrastructure platform
  • Physical security at data center facilities
  • Network security features
  • Configuring solutions for compliance
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